Thema 2018

Theme 2006

"Emotion as a motive?"

You consider yourself a rational human being, justifying decisions on the basis of facts and seemingly intellectual motives. However, due to the increased complexity of our surroundings, emotion seems to implant itself as a more important private counsellor in our lives. Moreover, society is rapidly regrouping in ways that make many give in to emotions more readily. As an increasingly active part of both public and private decision making, emotion cannot be left aside.

The symposium will enlighten the role of emotions – both conscious and unconscious – from different perspectives. Are more of your decisions guided by emotions that you would be prepared to admit? And can you justify any of your actions, without considering the potential role of emotions?

The time has come to subject the role of human emotions in thinking and acting to closer scrutiny. Awareness of the weight of emotions in decision making will lead to more well-considered decisions. Will our civic society benefit from more decision makers who follow their emotions? And when, and to what extent, would we want to act as a personal motive in our actions, and become intertwined with the roots of life?


Van Lanschot Kempen


Universiteit Leiden

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