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The Board of 2020-2021

Raphaël Dobbelstein

Raphaël Dobbelstein - Chair

The chairman or chairwoman is the leader of the team. They provide direction for where the Veerstichting will be heading that year. To ensure that the right path is followed, the chairman or chairwoman is responsible for maintaining an overview and promoting team cohesion. Additionally, the chairman or chairwoman serves as the public face, which means they have extensive contact with the Veerstichting's network and are responsible for delivering speeches. Lastly, the chairman or chairwoman is responsible for the long-term well-being and sustainability of the Veerstichting.

Olivier Guffens - Treasurer & Acquisition

The Finance and Acquisition role is responsible for the finances. They create a budget at the beginning of the year and engage in acquisition efforts with companies (often in collaboration with the chairman or chairwoman). Additionally, the treasurer takes care of accounting, tax filings, and payments.

Eline Nugteren - Creative Director

The Creative Director is primarily responsible for shaping the theme and writing the theme outline. To formulate the theme, the Creative Director maintains close contact with individuals from various sectors of society. Once the theme outline is completed, the Creative Director shifts their focus to composing the program. This includes reaching out to speakers, artists, workshop leaders, and the moderator for the event. For this role, it is advantageous to have strong writing skills in both Dutch and English.

Philip Wijsmuller - Participant Recruitment

The Participant Recruitment role is responsible for ticket sales for the symposium to both students and shapers. It is also their responsibility to ensure the diversity and quality of participants are consistently maintained. Additionally, they build and maintain a network of student organizations, collaborate with Events & Organization to form local boards, and assemble the essay jury.

Pepijn Felix - Marketing & Engagement

The Marketing and Engagement role is responsible for increasing the Veerstichting's brand awareness and ensuring engagement with the Veer network. They also manage social media, maintain relationships with newspapers and magazines, and compile the newsletter.

Charlotte Koning - Events & Organisation

The Events and Organization role is responsible for the logistical organization of all events, with the primary focus on the logistical plan for the symposium. They are in charge of organizing FeatherEvents in Delft, Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Tilburg. They work with Participant Recruitment to form local boards. Additionally, they take the lead in organizing the Talent Pool Dinner and the Old-Feather Event. They are also responsible for visually representing the theme at the symposium.

Kiki Mol - External Relations

The External Relations role is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Veer network in Delft and Rotterdam. This involves establishing contacts with educational institutions, student organizations, symposium venues, and businesses in these cities.


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