The Feather Foundation stands for the unique assembly of students and the so-called shapers of society. Here, reflection and inspiration are more important than achievement, status or success. A key element of our symposium is critical reflection on social themes that are not often consciously thought about. Our symposium serves both as an eye-opener and a source of inspiration for participants. Inspire and get inspired.


Experiencing various encounters with different people at the Feather Foundation can be moving. You can be part of a confrontation or clash, or encounter an intangible, unexplainable connection with another participant. Whether you agree with someone or not, these encounters ensure food for thought and often leave you pondering the conversations you had after the symposium. The interactions you will experience at the Feather Foundation will be full of impact. Join the dialogue and obtain unexpected views on the past, present and future. Think, evaluate, contemplate.


The Feather Foundation is all about unique interactions. Meeting people, sharing views and learning from each other. The Feather Foundation also offers a platform where generations can inspire one another. The ‘shapers of society’ can contribute to the personal development of a new generation and at the same time discover what drives young people. Here lies the value of participating in this unique union of generations.

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42th symposium 2021



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