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About the Veerstichting

About the Veerstichting

The Veerstichting has grown to become an annual two-day symposium that takes place in Leiden. The participants are made up of 250 students from all Dutch and Flemish universities and colleges and 250 'shapers' from the business world, politics, science, interest groups and the world of sports and art. It is a platform where young ambitious students can come into contact with those who already make a substantial contribution to social life, and vice versa. The high level of both speakers and participants, makes this meeting a source of energy and inspiration, which often results in innovative insights for everyone. A meeting of current leaders and the leaders of the future, which offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between different generations.

With stimulating lectures and intermezzi, the symposium is about inspiring and being inspired. The focus is on a n ideaogical theme that lies at the interface between people, organisation and society. The themes reflect emerging trends and encourage participants to become involved in lively discussions, which create the open and unique atmosphere.

De themes

The topics discussed at the symposium are the intersections of people, organisations and society. The themes often cover topics which the participants are unlikely to think about in their daily life, but which they are regularly confronted with. Are you curious about the themes of last years? Click here for more information.

The participants

Every year 250 students and an equal number of non-students participate in the Veer Foundation Symposium. The students are generally in the final phase of their studies and come from Dutch and Flemish universities and colleges. The aim is to have as diverse a group of student participants as possible, in terms of discipline and location. The students are selected by a jury of professors on the basis of a thematic essay. We call the 250 participating non-students 'shapers of society'. This group includes people from the business community, government, science, art, interest groups and the media. In order to guarantee the quality and relevance of the exchange of views, the Foundation targets the 'shapers of society' and invites them personally to attend. In this group, too, diversity is sought so that the meeting between all participants, young and old, will be refreshing and inspiring through the combination of different perspectives.

Participating in the 39th symposium

The field of participants will consist of 250 students from all Dutch and Flemish universities and 250 'shapers' from the business world, politics, science, interest groups and the worlds of sport and art. Students can register by submitting an assignment on the theme. Shapers can make their interest known by sending an e-mail with their motivations.


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