Every year, 250 students and the same number of non-students participate in the VeerStichting Symposium. The students are generally in the final phase of their studies and are from the fifteen Dutch universities and from the universities of Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven. The aim is to have as diverse a group of student participants as possible, with regard to the course of study and university. Students are selected by a jury of professors on the basis of a themed essay.

Designers of society

The other 250 participants we refer to as the ‘designers of society’. This group consists of people from the corporate world, government, science, art, interest groups and media. In order to ensure the quality and relevance of the exchange of ideas, the VeerStichting invites the ‘designers of society’ specifically and personally. Diversity is also aspired to within this group, so that the meeting among participants, young and old, is refreshing and inspirational through the combination of various points of view.

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